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Can't find a cruise ship you are traveling by on our list?

Unfortunately, there are cruises traveling around the Baltic sea and The North sea left that are not included in our database. Every day we add new cruise itineraries to our list and make new shore excursions for cruisers. If you have failed to find your cruise ship you are traveling by on the list nor a shore excursion you are interested in, please inform us at info@crucero-baltico.com.

Complete Berlin, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn Program - $500 per person!
St. Petersburg Intensive 2-day Shore Tour - $300 per person.
Berlin, Helsinki and Tallinn - $250 per person.

What are the advantages of booking your excursions with Classictours?

In the tourist season of 2012 more than 2,500 cruise passengers used our company's services to visit numerous cities including Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Berlin, and we continue to offer more destinations, searching for more partners to work with that offer the same high standards that we demand from ourselves, affordable prices and exceptional customer care services.
Our system allows you to easily prepare an itinerary for your excursions in the cities the boat stops at.
1 - We have an agreement with the port authorities at the passenger port in St. Petersburg (Russia), which allows us to issue clearance to leave the port "Visa Free" for any passengers taking a tour through our company. This is convenient and there are no additional charges.
2 - When booking a tour with a single operator you save time, and more importantly - money. After the second excursion that you book, you will receive a discount of 1% that will rise a further 1% for each additional booking.

Excursion Options

You can choose from the shore excursions we offer in the following locations: Germany (Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock, Schwerin, Wismar and Warnemünde), Belgium (Bruges and Zeebrugge), Denmark (Copenhagen), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki), France (Cherbourg, Le Harve and Paris), Holland (Amsterdam), Ireland (Dublin), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Klaipedia), Norway (Alessund, Andalsnes, Bergen, Flam, Geiranger, Hardander, Olden, Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim), Poland (Gdansk and Gdynia), Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Nynäshamn) and the UK (Dover, Invergordon, London and Southampton).
Our tours are mainly cultural and relaxing and we would recommend them for seniors and children. Every day of your itinerary you will be able to decide whether you would like to get off the boat and take a guided tour from our expert staff, who will accompany you in discovering historic towns and beautiful landscapes. We offer tours for your cruise group that are almost identical to those sold on the boat, but at prices up to 70% cheaper. Save money and make friends!

Cities on the Baltic Cruise

The locations in Scandinavia and Russia, bathed by the Baltic Sea, are full of history in a setting of incomparable beauty. The Baltic Sea Cruise offers the opportunity to enjoy this beauty and learn about its history without having to pack and unpack suitcases in a short period of time. The best option there might be to make the most of these short stays in each country is to take guided tours from highly qualified professionals who value every minute of your stay. The excursions offered by our company, ClassicTours, are highly recommended for cruise passengers who already have their place on the ship.
You will visit the Danish capital of Copenhagen, which is rated as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and boasts one of the highest qualities of life. You can wander around Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and one of the former republics of the USSR. Tallinn is a small city, easy to get acquainted with and seems like something out of a fairytale. Almost all cruise ships that serve the Baltic route make a two day stopover in St. Petersburg. Also referred to as the "Venice of the North" in many descriptions, St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and is now the star attraction amongst the cities you will visit as part of the Baltic tour. Imperial Palaces, former residences of famous Russian tsars, luxuriously decorated with gold and marble...It is advisable to have your trip well planned so you can see as much as possible in the time you have. You can book one of our guided tours seven days in advance to ensure that you enjoy a perfect visit. Stockholm is the Swedish capital, where the new and the old are fused together offering its visitors a unique experience and is another port in the Baltic Sea that the cruise ship will stop at. The city of Stockholm is made up of 14 islands that are connected by bridges and channels. Warnemunde is one of the ports where your ship might possibly dock and is located in Germany. From the port it's possible to make a trip to the capital of Berlin, although it's possible to learn a lot about this extraordinary city just from a bird's eye view, which since the fall of the Berlin wall and the subsequent German reunification, has seen an extraordinary transformation. You will also visit Helsinki where simplicity prevails above all other things, offering a balance of harmony in a typically Scandinavian setting. During the trip to Helsinki passengers will experience its neoclassical architecture. Another frequent destination is the city of Gdansk, which is another city renowned for its brilliant architecture and a visit to this Polish city offers you the chance to discover its 1000 year history. Many cruise ships also stop in Oslo where forests, parks and modern sculptures are the favoured attractions.

Cities on the North Sea Cruise

The North Sea is located between the coasts of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and is to the southwest of the British Isles and west of Denmark and Norway. The North Sea opens out into the Atlantic Ocean and also connects to the Baltic Sea and Skagerrak through the Kiel Canal. The Atlantic also connects to the English Channel in the south and to a sea in the north known as the Norwegian Sea, which is north of the Shetland Islands. In order to take in the full beauty the North Sea has to offer it is necessary to take a cruise, where you will be enchanted by the Fjords found along its coast. The most important Norwegian ports are Bergen, where you will find the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord fords; Flam port where you can make a fascinating tour in the famous Flam train to see the wonders of its natural surroundings on one of the most sloped railways in the world; and Geiranger, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Berlin, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn
only $500 / $300 / $250

Ports and Cities

Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock, Schwerin, Warnemünde, Wismar
Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Zeebrugge
Cherbourg, Le Havre, Paris
Alesund, Andalsnes, Bergen, Flam, Geiranger, Hardanger, Olden, Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim
Gdansk, Gdynia
United Kingdom
Belfast, Dover, Invergordon, London, Southampton
St. Petersburg, Moscow
Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Nynäshamn

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