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Shore Excursions for Cruise Passengers in Stockholm

Stockholm for cruisers Excursions Timetable
Sweden's capital and largest city Stockholm stands on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, numerous parks, clean air and proximity to water characterize this city. You can reach most tourist attractions and sites rather quickly. In the course of one day you can feel the big city life, cultural history and nature. The third part of the city is covered with water and another third is parks and green spaces. The archipelago near the capital consists of 24,000 islands and islets, is the very beautiful especially during summer. This natural oasis is complemented by the impressive Gamla Stan (Old Town), which is one of the largest medieval urban centers and best preserved in Europe. It is one of the main attractions of Stockholm. Stockholm was founded in 1252. All Gamla Stan and the neighboring Riddarholmen is like a living museum in which you can walk comfortably. It is full of points of tourist interest, attractions, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. Its winding alleyways, houses in all shades of yellow, beautiful churches have provided a unique character to Gamla Stan. The most importants spots of this neighborhood are the Swedish National Cathedral Storkyrkan, the Nobel Museum and most of all is the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) offering five museums. The green island of Djurgarden contains the most popular attractions in Stockholm. Visit the world famous war ship Vasa, the world's oldest open-air museum Skansen, or the Junibacken museum of Astrid Lindgren. Stockholm with its 750-year history and rich cultural life can offer a wide variety of museums and points of world-class tourist interest. There are many shore excursions for cruise passengers to choose from. We offer several shore excursions in Stockholm for Baltic Sea Cruise passengers. Our shore tours are low cost yet include all the must see places. The local guides speak fluent English and are truly professional. You can choose one of two programs of Stockholm shore excursions quoted below or order any other individual tour program. We will be pleased to assist you in arranging shore tour in Stockholm.
PRIVATE TOUR. 4 hours show price for persons
3 - hour Stockhom city tour+transfers to/from Nynashamn
Meeting at Nynashamn port. Transfer to Stockholm. A 3-hour panoramic shore tour will open the most fascinating attractions of Stockholm to your view. Our first stop will be Fjallgatan, where you will have a chance to take pictures of the beautiful West Bridge panorama. Our guide will take you on an ...read more


PRIVATE TOUR. 5 hours show price for persons
4 hour Stockholm City Tour + Vasa Museum+transfers from/to Nynashamn.
Taking a 4-hour Stockholm shore excursion you will have a great opportunity to visit the main tourist attraction in Stockholm and one of the most remarkable historical monuments in the world, the Vasa Museum. This museum is dedicated exclusively to the Swedish royal flagship Vasa, a real 17th centur ...read more


PRIVATE TOUR. 6 hours show price for persons
5 hour Stockholm City Tour + City Hall + Vasa Museum+transfers from Nynashamn
If you take a 5-hour Stockholm shore tour you will be offered also the excursion to the famous Stockholm City Hall. It is famous for its architecture, murals and mosaics and of course for being the venue of the Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet (each year laureates from various scientific and cultura ...read more


PRIVATE TOUR. 3 hours show price for persons
City Tour
On this 3 hour sightseeing tour you will be able to enjoy the most fascinating attractions of Stockholm during the daytime. Our first stop will be at Fjällgatan, where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view and take pictures of the beautiful west bridge. Our guide will take you on a tour through ...read more


PRIVATE TOUR. 4 hours show price for persons
City Tour + Vasa Museum
On this four hour tour you will visit one of the most remarkable and historical attractions in the world, and the main tourist attraction in Stockholm, the Vasa Museum. The museum is totally dedicated to the Warship Vasa, an authentic ship from the Swedish fleet of the 17th century. The Vasa Museum ...read more


PRIVATE TOUR. 5 hours show price for persons
City Tour + City Hall + Vasa Museum
Our 5 hour tour includes a visit to the Vasa Museum and a tour of the famous Stockholm City Hall, a building famous for its architecture, murals, mosaics, and for hosting the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremony, where the most important figures in various fields are celebrated.
Entrance to the Vasa Mus
...read more


May 1MSC Preziosa
May 2AIDAdiva
May 2AIDAcara
May 6AIDAdiva
May 8Regal Princess
May 8MSC Preziosa
May 10Brilliance of the Seas
May 10AIDAmar
May 11Costa Magica
May 15AIDAcara
May 16ms Zuiderdam
May 16Queen Elizabeth
May 16MSC Orchestra
May 17AIDAmar
May 18Viking Star
May 18Costa Magica
May 19Regal Princess
May 19Norwegian Breakaway
May 22MSC Preziosa
May 24AIDAmar
May 25Costa Magica
May 26Columbus
May 28Viking Sea
May 28Norwegian Breakaway
May 29MS Koningsdam
May 29Serenade of the Seas
May 30Regal Princess
May 31AIDAmar
Jun 1Costa Magica
Jun 4Celebrity Silhouette
Jun 5Brilliance of the Seas
Jun 5MSC Preziosa
Jun 6Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 7MSC Orchestra
Jun 7Sapphire Princess
Jun 7AIDAmar
Jun 8Viking Sky
Jun 8Costa Magica
Jun 9ms Zuiderdam
Jun 10Regal Princess
Jun 12Marina
Jun 12ms Prinsendam
Jun 13Marco Polo
Jun 14AIDAmar
Jun 14Celebrity Silhouette
Jun 15Viking Star
Jun 15Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 15Costa Magica
Jun 17Brilliance of the Seas
Jun 18Crystal Serenity
Jun 19MSC Preziosa
Jun 19AIDAcara
Jun 21Regal Princess
Jun 21AIDAmar
Jun 22Costa Magica
Jun 23Serenade of the Seas
Jun 24Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 25ms Rotterdam
Jun 27Celebrity Eclipse
Jun 28AIDAmar
Jun 28Celebrity Silhouette
Jun 29Azamara Journey
Jun 29Costa Magica
Jul 1Serenade of the Seas
Jul 2Regal Princess
Jul 2Marina
Jul 3ms Zuiderdam
Jul 3Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 3MSC Preziosa
Jul 4AIDAcara
Jul 5AIDAmar
Jul 6Costa Magica
Jul 7Silver Spirit
Jul 8Serenade of the Seas
Jul 9Celebrity Eclipse
Jul 11Brilliance of the Seas
Jul 12Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 12Sapphire Princess
Jul 12AIDAmar
Jul 13Regal Princess
Jul 13Costa Magica
Jul 13Pacific Princess
Jul 15Serenade of the Seas
Jul 16Marco Polo
Jul 17MSC Preziosa
Jul 19AIDAmar
Jul 20Costa Magica
Jul 21Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 21Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 22Serenade of the Seas
Jul 23Brilliance of the Seas
Jul 24Regal Princess
Jul 25Seven Seas Navigator
Jul 26AIDAmar
Jul 26Celebrity Silhouette
Jul 27ms Zuiderdam
Jul 27Costa Magica
Jul 29Costa Pacifica
Jul 30Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 31MSC Preziosa
Jul 12Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 29Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 2Queen Elizabeth
Aug 2AIDAmar
Aug 3Disney Magic
Aug 3Costa Magica
Aug 4Regal Princess
Aug 4Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 6Serenade of the Seas
Aug 8Norwegian Breakaway
Aug 9Costa Pacifica
Aug 9AIDAmar
Aug 9Celebrity Silhouette
Aug 10Viking Star
Aug 10Silver Spirit
Aug 10Costa Magica
Aug 12Brilliance of the Seas
Aug 13Costa Pacifica
Aug 14MSC Preziosa
Aug 14Disney Magic
Aug 15Regal Princess
Aug 15Queen Victoria
Aug 16AIDAmar
Aug 17Norwegian Breakaway
Aug 17Costa Magica
Aug 17Braemar
Aug 18Braemar
Aug 18Azamara Journey
Aug 19Marina
Aug 20Viking Sea
Aug 20ms Zuiderdam
Aug 20Columbus
Aug 21Serenade of the Seas
Aug 23AIDAmar
Aug 24Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 24Costa Pacifica
Aug 24Costa Magica
Aug 26Celebrity Eclipse
Aug 26Regal Princess
Aug 27MSC Orchestra
Aug 27AIDAdiva
Aug 28Brilliance of the Seas
Aug 28MSC Preziosa
Aug 29Silver Wind
Aug 30AIDAmar
Aug 31Viking Sky
Aug 31Silver Spirit
Aug 31Costa Magica
Aug 30Seven Seas Explorer
Sep 23Balmoral
Sep 27Norwegian Getaway
Sep 28AIDAmar
Sep 1Nautica
Sep 2AIDAdiva
Sep 5Marina
Sep 6Regal Princess
Sep 6AIDAmar
Sep 7Viking Star
Sep 10Seven Seas Explorer
Sep 11MS Koningsdam
Sep 13Sapphire Princess
Sep 13AIDAmar
Sep 13AIDAaura
Sep 19Pacific Princess
Sep 20AIDAmar
Sep 21Columbus
Sep 22AIDAaura
Sep 27AIDAmar

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