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Shore Excursions for Cruise Passengers in Tallinn

Tallinn for cruisers Excursions Timetable

PRIVATE TOUR. 3 hours show price for persons
Walking low-cost tour at the Old Tallinn.
Enjoy a delightful stroll along the romantic cobblestone streets of the old Town with its charming red roofs and medieval towers. Enter into interesting discussion with your local guide about everyday life and customs of Estonian people and learn about their fascinating history.
Tallinn’s old town,
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PRIVATE TOUR. 3 hours show price for persons
City tour
A 3-hour Tallinn shore excursion includes a scenic short bus tour and a guided walk through the Old Town. Probably the most interesting experience of Tallinn journey is the old city street walkabout. This European medieval city is well preserved and was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. N ...read more


PRIVATE TOUR. 4 hours show price for persons
City tour+Kadriorg Palace o KUMU Art museum
Following city tour of the downtown of Tallinn, you will visit Kadriorg park and palace complex created by czar Peter the Great for his beloved wife Catharine I. This a great tour for art lovers.
The palace currently houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, displaying
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PRIVATE TOUR. 4 hours show price for persons
Tallinn Jewish City Tour
The capital of Estonia has been rated by several travel magazines as one of Europe’s best-kept secrets,as well as a former Jewish Homeland with a still-viable community represented by an elegantly designed modern building of the local Synagogue.

Along with gaining first-hand experience of the inf
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PRIVATE TOUR. 5 hours show price for persons
City Tour + Open Air Museum
A 5-hour Tallinn shore tour will take you to the Estonian Open Air Museum. Here you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Estonian life style and architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries. The exposition occupies the territory of 79 hectares and presents a collection of life-sized ...read more


May 2MSC Preziosa
May 4Regal Princess
May 5ms Rotterdam
May 6Brilliance of the Seas
May 7AIDAcara
May 7AIDAmar
May 9MSC Preziosa
May 9Zenith
May 12MSC Orchestra
May 12Celebrity Silhouette
May 12ms Zuiderdam
May 14Viking Star
May 14Norwegian Breakaway
May 14AIDAmar
May 15Regal Princess
May 15Zenith
May 15AIDAbella
May 17Costa Magica
May 17Queen Elizabeth
May 21AIDAmar
May 21AIDAcara
May 22Columbus
May 23MSC Preziosa
May 23Norwegian Breakaway
May 24Viking Sea
May 24Costa Magica
May 25MS Koningsdam
May 26Regal Princess
May 28AIDAmar
May 29Magellan
May 29AIDAbella
May 30Serenade of the Seas
May 31Costa Magica
May 31Celebrity Silhouette
Jun 1Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 1Brilliance of the Seas
Jun 1AIDAcara
Jun 3MSC Orchestra
Jun 4Viking Sky
Jun 4AIDAmar
Jun 5ms Zuiderdam
Jun 6Regal Princess
Jun 6MSC Preziosa
Jun 7ms Prinsendam
Jun 7Costa Magica
Jun 8Navigator of the Seas
Jun 9Marco Polo
Jun 10Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 11Viking Star
Jun 11Sapphire Princess
Jun 11Marina
Jun 11AIDAmar
Jun 13Marina
Jun 13Brilliance of the Seas
Jun 14Costa Magica
Jun 15Celebrity Silhouette
Jun 15AIDAbella
Jun 17Crystal Serenity
Jun 17Regal Princess
Jun 18AIDAmar
Jun 19Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 20MSC Preziosa
Jun 20Navigator of the Seas
Jun 21Costa Magica
Jun 21ms Rotterdam
Jun 22Serenade of the Seas
Jun 24Azamara Journey
Jun 25Crystal Serenity
Jun 25AIDAmar
Jun 25AIDAcara
Jun 26Celebrity Eclipse
Jun 26AIDAbella
Jun 28Serenade of the Seas
Jun 28Regal Princess
Jun 28Costa Magica
Jun 28Norwegian Breakaway
Jun 29ms Zuiderdam
Jun 30Celebrity Silhouette
Jun 29Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 1Marina
Jul 2Serenade of the Seas
Jul 2Navigator of the Seas
Jul 2AIDAmar
Jul 4MSC Preziosa
Jul 5Azamara Journey
Jul 5Costa Magica
Jul 6Silver Spirit
Jul 7Marina
Jul 7Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 7Brilliance of the Seas
Jul 8Celebrity Eclipse
Jul 9Regal Princess
Jul 9Pacific Princess
Jul 9AIDAcara
Jul 9AIDAmar
Jul 10AIDAbella
Jul 11Silver Spirit
Jul 12Serenade of the Seas
Jul 12Costa Magica
Jul 12MSC Orchestra
Jul 12Marco Polo
Jul 13Celebrity Silhouette
Jul 16Sapphire Princess
Jul 16Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 16AIDAmar
Jul 18MSC Preziosa
Jul 19Serenade of the Seas
Jul 19Costa Magica
Jul 19Brilliance of the Seas
Jul 20Regal Princess
Jul 23ms Zuiderdam
Jul 23AIDAmar
Jul 24AIDAbella
Jul 25Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 25Norwegian Breakaway
Jul 26Costa Magica
Jul 26MSC Orchestra
Jul 27Celebrity Silhouette
Jul 28Serenade of the Seas
Jul 28Costa Pacifica
Jul 29Seven Seas Navigator
Jul 30AIDAmar
Jul 31Regal Princess
Jul 31Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 7Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 13Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 25Seven Seas Explorer
Jul 30Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 1MSC Preziosa
Aug 2Celebrity Eclipse
Aug 2Costa Magica
Aug 3Norwegian Breakaway
Aug 3Queen Elizabeth
Aug 5Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 5Costa Pacifica
Aug 6Viking Star
Aug 6AIDAmar
Aug 7Disney Magic
Aug 7Serenade of the Seas
Aug 7AIDAbella
Aug 8Silver Spirit
Aug 9Costa Magica
Aug 9MSC Orchestra
Aug 11Regal Princess
Aug 11Celebrity Silhouette
Aug 11Disney Magic
Aug 12Norwegian Breakaway
Aug 13Azamara Journey
Aug 13Costa Magica
Aug 13ms Prinsendam
Aug 13Brilliance of the Seas
Aug 13AIDAmar
Aug 15Silver Spirit
Aug 15MSC Preziosa
Aug 15Zenith
Aug 16Viking Sea
Aug 16Queen Victoria
Aug 16ms Zuiderdam
Aug 17Costa Pacifica
Aug 18Marina
Aug 19Columbus
Aug 19Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 20Marina
Aug 20AIDAmar
Aug 21Zenith
Aug 21Norwegian Breakaway
Aug 21AIDAbella
Aug 22Regal Princess
Aug 22Serenade of the Seas
Aug 22Celebrity Eclipse
Aug 23Costa Magica
Aug 23MSC Orchestra
Aug 24Brilliance of the Seas
Aug 24AIDAdiva
Aug 25Seven Seas Explorer
Aug 25Costa Pacifica
Aug 25Silver Wind
Aug 27Viking Sky
Aug 27Nautica
Aug 27Silver Spirit
Aug 27AIDAmar
Aug 29MSC Preziosa
Aug 30Costa Magica
Aug 30Norwegian Breakaway
Sep 25AIDAmar
Sep 1Marina
Sep 2Regal Princess
Sep 2Silver Wind
Sep 3Viking Star
Sep 3AIDAmar
Sep 4AIDAbella
Sep 5Silver Spirit
Sep 6Marina
Sep 6Seven Seas Explorer
Sep 7Nautica
Sep 7MSC Meraviglia
Sep 8Norwegian Breakaway
Sep 10MS Koningsdam
Sep 10AIDAaura
Sep 10AIDAmar
Sep 13Magellan
Sep 15Pacific Princess
Sep 17Sapphire Princess
Sep 17Norwegian Breakaway
Sep 17Columbus
Sep 17AIDAmar
Sep 18MSC Meraviglia
Sep 18AIDAbella
Sep 19AIDAaura
Sep 24AIDAmar
Sep 26Norwegian Breakaway
Sep 29AIDAaura
Sep 30Astoria
Sep 4Seven Seas Explorer

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